What is “Orang Kuat Sabah” ?

Based on the World’s Strongest Man competition, Orang Kuat Sabah or Sabah’s Strongest Man is a competition where participant are required to complete a series of challenges to determine who is worthy of being called Sabah’s Strongest Man.

Organized & introduced by Casero Events in early 2010, this strongman competition is the first of its kind in Sabah. The organizer believes that this event has a big potential in becoming the latest sport tourism event that can be added into Sabah’s yearly calendar of sporting event alongside Sabah Dragon Boat Festival, Mount Kinabalu International Marathon, Borneo International Marathon, and many more that has proved to attract tourist and boost the tourism industry in Sabah.

Fast forward from 2010, Orang Kuat Sabah is now the premier strongman event in the Borneo (or dare we say in the South East Asia region). It has since attracted major interest from strongman around the region.